Help me choose a sub

I am trying to choose between three different sub choices. They are as follows: #1 Two Talon Roc 12's in stereo mode plus a Aerial Acoustics SW12 for LFE #2 2 SW12's in stereo mode #3 A single Wilson Watchdog My room is 15 x 20 with 10 foot ceilings or about 3000 cubic feet. I listen 50% two channel and 50% HT. I am using a Lexicon MC12 for a processor. The Rocs seem to be better for music but the SW12 goes a lot lower. I don't know much about the Watchdog except what I have read.
look at the jm lab electra sub. very musical but does video awsome as well.
I have a Lexicon MC12 and a Aerial SW12(plus a Velodyne FSX12). I, like you, listen to quite a bit of stereo. I am not sure what your main speakers are, but I have Sonus Faber Amatis and I have the Lexicon set to full, so nothing goes to the subs. So, musicality is a non-issue unless I am listening to a DVD-A or concert DVD. I am very pleased with the Aerial in all aspects. Explosions and the such are simply awesome. Some DVD-A bass tracks are over done(IMHO) so I dial down the bass on the SW12. Then everything is fine. I did not reveiw the other subs you listed so I can't compare.
I owned a pair of SW-12s and they are phenomenal in 2 channel as well as theater. I personally prefer HGS-18s for theater. You just can not compete with 18's. Now, for 2 channel, I find the 18s to be fine as I am running Veritas 2.8s for mains and only need the EXTREME low end
for effects. I would say the SW-12s are wonderful, and probably one of the best, if not the best, if needing to integrate with mains for 2 channel.

Rives - the Talon take please.............................


I know you didn't ask for other options, but given your priorities (very musical and very deep) I couldn't help wanting to chime in.

Buggtussel makes a superb transmission line sub called the Tegmentum that goes down to 16 Hz (the line doesn't unload until 12 Hz!). The Tegmentum excels at impact and pitch definition. It has a very flexible built-in crossover/equalizer/amplifier. Retail is $2500 a pair.

I'd be glad to answer any questions you might have.

Best of luck in your quest!

The Aerial is the finest sub I've ever heard. I'd think that a pair of them would be phenominal for HT and music.
Here's the thread from a couple of months ago, that talked about the best subs.
I sell Aerial and the Hgs 18 and the sound is tighter in the sw12 the bang is a little louder with velodyne if thats what your going for, but the sw12 is the overall package