Help Integrated Amp for Soliloquy 5.3

I have a new pair of Soliloquy 5.3's and I'm looking for a good integrated amp to pair them up with. I also plan to use a sub. I prefer my music a bit warm and laid back, but well balanced. I will also be using this 2 channel setup with DVD's (Pionerr 343).
Any help is greatly appreciated!
My apologies for the repeated post. I was having trouble with my ISP and didn't realize the post was being repeated.
Truly sorry.
Try the Rogue Audio Tempest 40W triode 60W ultralinear, with remote. It has passive preamp outs to send to a sub. I recommend he is a great dealer and woould be able to give you some more info.
I'm a 5.3 owner and have had the opportunity to go to the factory in Raleigh. On the solid state end they developed the 5.3s with Sim Audio amps, so their integrated might be a very good choice. On the tube side they are very high on Art Audio and use these amps with their speakers at shows--don't know if they make an integrated though. Just thought I'd let you know what the folks at Soliloquy prefer. Best of luck.