Help In programming B&K Ref 50

Any Ref-50 owners out there? Would like feedback on the setup procedure you used. Any comments appreciated

Call B&K. I have a REF.30 and found the support to be excellent.

I thnk the support is below poor. I have called and they have answered but never answered my questions. This is one confusing preamp and your questions will be answered if in fact you know what you are talking about. B&K will not hold you hand and assist you along to fine tune it and really appreciate the bells and whistles.
If you take the screens one at a time and don't rush, it is straight forward. But beware the hum and the whine which seems to be inherent in the Ref 50. The units themselves hum like a 1000watt amp. and the DSP's whine is audible during quiet passages. B & K Can't fix it so they deny it.
Curious about the hum/whine. I had problems wih parasound and B&K until upgraded power cord and power conditioner (both Tice). Eliminated background noise and gave me dead silent background. Have you tried either? I am considering either upgrding ref 10 or buy 50 as I have been happy with it.