Audio Aero Prestige SE Remote programming?

I bought my Audio Aero Prestige SE from a dealer in Sweden in 2008;unit is in USA.No issues and is a great unit. However I lost the programming on the remote few months ago inadvertently while fiddling with it and simply cannot reprogram it.Changed batteries.Can anyone advise or help? Thanks.
You might check to see if the Logitech Harmony series of programmable remotes has that brand in their data base.

I built a Bryston BDA-1 remote control into a Logitech Harmony remote recently because the Bryston remotes are over $300. Logitech had all the Bryston products in their database and I was able to download all functions into the Logitech Harmony 600, which was under $50 at Wallymart.

You can check to see if the Audio Prestige is in the Logitec database here:
If your AA Prestige remote is in 'preamp' mode it will appear to be non-functional with the player. Could this be the case? If so, switch back to player mode and functionality will be restored. I had this problem once with mine, and had the damnedest time trying to figure out just what was wrong.

Hope this helps.
This is my history with the brand, and this is an advice for someone that thinks in buy one AA equipment, this is the kind behavior with customers who spend a small fortune and get a silence when they needs help.

This is the type of manufactures that do not treat their customers ethically, in the last 8 years I bought one AA amplifier prestige and one audio aero capitole MK2 , then made the upgrade for one AA prestige, in the past I tried to communicate with the factory and never received an answer, now that we do not have representative in Brazil, I tried to communicate with the factory in Lyon about a problem with AA prestige, and again tey did not answered me, honestly do not even want to go near another audio aero eletronic, this brand is champion in bad service for the customers.