Help explain the vienna acoustics food chain

I currently use vandersteen 2c speakers with a few mods. I would like to try Vienna Acoustics speakers. I just can't figure which is a step up. The Bach, Strauss, Mahler, Grand whatever, Mozart and Beethoven. I can't find a place to get my answers. can you help or direct to place that can?
I would go to the website to see their current offerings. They have speaker lines that rage in price. I have had a hard time pinning down the order of the older stuff as well. I just purchased a used pair of Mozart Grands

Older line
I think it went Mozart's (all all their versions), Beethoven, Strauss and then Mahler.

I have never heard the vandersteen speakers. I know they are very well regarded.

I can say this I was able to audition the Mozart Grands against the Spatial M1 (4k) all their speakers seem to be getting good reviews. Its and open baffle high Efficiency design.

I ended up with the Mozarts. IMO the speakers were different but in the same league. To my great surprise the Mozarts did not give an inch in the soundstage or imaging department. They also had a deeper bass but not as tight that had a slight roundness and bloom. They were a little warmer and had a sweetness in the midrange that the spatial's don't have. Honnestly if I had a tube pre or applification that better suited the Spatial I may have gone with them. They were both quite good. 


how old are your Vandy speakers?  The VA models are going to be a step up, especially, the models w/ multiple drivers. They are a great value, like Vandy, as well.

Find a dealer/retailer near you and get out there to listen, listen, listen.