Help: Classe CAV75 problem?

I had a Classe CAV75 (6 channels) bridged to 3 channels, and here is the problem. My speakers make a sound every time I turn off the amp. The sound is like gun shooting in Star War movie or in another words it's like a capacitor discharging (high requency sound). Called Classe and they said that it's the design problem.
So, my questions are does any CAV75 owner has the same problem or it's just my unit? Will this noise damage my speaker?
Thanks for your help
Hi Worldcup,
The noise you are describing also happens with my CAV-150.I also heard the same noise on a model CAV-150 that I took home for a demo from a dealer. Obviously, it's not just your unit. One question, when you spoke with Classe', did they actually say it was a design "problem" or just inherent in that particular design? Regardless of that little quirk, I still very much like the sound of the CAV- 150!
Hi Ronk,
Just talked to Classe this moring about the noise and they told me that all the old models have this problem. I forgot to ask which model is consider to be old and new. However, my CA 201 don't have this problem. He also said that the problem for the old models can not be fixed unless they have to re-design the whole circuit. The problem is because the old models don't have a relay that close or open when turn off the amp (not sure about this part. Need someone to explain more)
Happy listening!
My CA200 doesn't have this problem, FWIW...
I have a CA-150 that does that same thing. I had the piece back at the factory right after I bought it and they did nothing to correct that particular problem. I own the Ca-301 too which works fine in shut down. I guess it's something we have to live with if we own this amp. All in all I really like the piece. I too run it bridged for three in my H/T system.
I play electric bass guitar and in the world of guitar amps this is not unusual. I own an SWR bass amp, which is one of the best on the market and it makes a very loud thump when turned off. This should in no way damage your speakers. It is a really surprising that Classe let those out the door though. I use Classe 70 amps in my surround system and they make no noise (these are really beautiful sounding amps and a really great used buy). I have also owned a DR15, a Fifteen, and a CA300, all very quiet.
My c-j premiere 11a does the say thing, though it is more of a dull thump. I think this is a not uncommon occurence with various amps regardless of design.