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Ok, I'm on a extended business trip to Tokyo for 4-6 months. Serious music withdrawal. At home, I have a all analog based system. I am lucky enough to have a Bose/Samsung all in one dvd/cd system in my hotel. It sounds close to AM radio...but with 2 speakers. :)

I'm thinking about a Shanling cd or sacd player with a Earmax and Sennheiser hd 600 or 650's. The Shanling is pretty cheap here...$1200 new. Sennheiser's 600's are a steal right now.

Any comments? I'd like to keep this all below $2000. Don't care about new or used. Or what brand. I just want super sound. I can use Transparent Ref xl interconnects and power cords from my home system while I'm here.

Final comment, will a Japanese 100v Shanling (or what you recommend), work at home in the US? Also, a combo DVD/SACD/CD is fine also, I can use a 2nd DVD player at home.

Thanks so much ! Tokyo is not Dallas !
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Hi John,

Been there, and will be back shortly. Yes the 100v Japanese stuff will work at home but as you know, it's a two-prong plug rather than our three-prong power cords, this may (or may not) be an issue with your insurance company should there ever be a fire in your home. There's an awesome little tube integrated in Hong Kong that's well worth considering, the Spark Cayin HA-1A for $350:

- Tube compliment: (1) 12AX7, (1) 12AU7, (2) EL84's
- 2.2W/channel (8 ohms)
- Headphone jack, pre-out, volume control, etc..

I auditioned the wee integrated with a pair of Senn 600's Hit audio had on hand, really enjoyable sound! I'll buy one when I'm back in Hong Kong the end of May.

Hit Audio sell's em:

Tel 2361 1229 Fax: 2360 1178

1/F 211 Apliu Street, Shamshuipo, Kowloon, Hong Kong

You could have it shipped to you in Japan for a very reasonable price. The HK electrical is 230V, you would need a transformer.

Other than that little gem there's always the venerable Linn Classik and a pair of Senn 650's (alternatively 600's with a Cardas cable), or the mighty iPod through a Grado headphone amp? Hang in there, nothing's forever except taxes. Cheers, Jeff
Hello John,
Did you find a cartridge for your SME 20/2 yet? Did you have time to listen to Japanese cartridges such as Koetsu, Shelter...What is the price range at Japan?
Thanks Jeff !

I did go listen to a few cartridges. The initial price's on Koetsu's were not that special. I haven't asked about Shelter's yet. But I need to check into it. I bet there is some room for negotiation...
Hey John,

I'm on my way to Tokyo soon:

Arrive Tokyo Narita on Tuesday May 11th @ 3:40pm, stay at the Meridien Hotel @ Shinagawa

Spend Wednesday May 12th, Thursday May 13th, Friday May 14th seeing customers. Saturday is open.

Depart from Narita for Beijing Sunday 10:35am

Drop me an email and lemme know if you're in Tokyo then, or back home in Dallas. Best, Jeff
Excellent help provided here by Jeff!
At the risk of being boring, I second Jeff's great advice--there are at least three Hit Audio amps I think are super deals. I like the Shanling with Sennheiser idea too, but would want good tubes for the 'phone section.