Headshell problems

I have been have a little trouble with getting my azimuth spot on, right channel is a bit weaker, and my headshell seems to have a little be of wiggle room after being tightened. I have added a little rubber washer from my cheaper ortofon headshell to stop the wiggling but it seems to a changed the sound a bit on the wooden ortofon HS and has made it so I would have to break my cables to get my overhang correct. All of this being said I am a little frustrated.

Is this just an isolated problem with my particular headshell or is this normal to have a little play? I ask because I really dont want to buy other more expense headshell just to find out id still have to use this rubber washer. Also which headshell would you guys suggest?

I am using a rs 309d with a EMT TSD 15 and currently a LH 8000 headshell with cardas leads.
I made the mistake of buying the wooden Ortofon headshell too. Other than being nice to look at, the Ortofon is limited, in not providing means to adjust azimuth.

LP Gear.com has well made aluminum headshells for around $50 or so with an Allen head screw that makes it easy to adjust azimuth.

As far as wires go, you may need to use longer leads, if that is an issue.

It may be that the coupling inside the end of the tonearm is loose, check to see if there is a way to tighten it.

Hope this helps, regards,
Thanks for the response, did yours have any issues like that? Just seems strange to have such an expensive headshell have any mechanical issues. They made the arm and the headshell connection seems like it wouldn't be a problem to make them fit together properly, ha.