Headphones: Preamp that has no headphone output

How do I configure a setup that will allow me to listen through headphones when my preamp doesn’t have a headphone output? I have a Spectral DMC-10 and it does have two sets of outputs. Is this my angle? What other options exists? My MR-80 has a headphone output, but I am not interested in radio. What’s an audiophile to do? Please advise.
Connect one set of Pre-Outs to a headphone amp. Turn on headsphone amp. Insert headphone cable. Place headphones on head. Play music.

I use a battery amp sane way with pre out method, works great.
With my Modwright pre-amp I use the tape outs because the standard RCA outs run through the linestage and are amplified. Feel free to experiment depending on the outputs you have.