HDMI problems

I have a Sherbourn PT-7030 going to a Samsung UN60KU6300FXZA through a 

Transformative Engineering TE  HDS-42AVR HDMI switcher. About 25% of the time while switching sources (DirectTV and Roku) the HDMI handshake will not complete. Unless I turn everything off and back on again.  Using the Transformative Engineering TE HDS-42AVR HDMI switcher because the Samsung TV has only one 4K input.

Does anyone have any experience with the TE HDS-42AVR?  I’ve made sure I have high speed HDMI cables (Blue Jean Cables)

HDMI handshake is a nightmare for sure especially when a switcher is involved  - I'd try turning the HDMI controls off on all devices(sources and TV)and see if the signal passes through.

Sounds counter intuitive but I wouldn't be surprised if it solves the problem for you.
HDMI sucks... most of the reason I took all of it out of my primary listening system. It’s always a pain. I’m constantly rebooting/resetting our bedroom ROKU because the handshake fails one way or another. Drives me nuts. And BJ’s cables are great, but the interface overall is just bad...
Thanks audiojedi. That seems to have worked