HDMI issue

Occasionally I get a message that the HDMI signal cant be found on my projection screen
Integra DTR- 70.3 feeding a Epson Projector.
Erratic, cable signal and Apple TV both can cause it.
Sometimes does it on a cold start as well but even when on for hours and I try to switch from cable to another source.
HDMI cable about 25’, did not have issue for years, now all around 5 years old.
Bad HDMI cable or????
Bad HDMI cable or????

Depends. If your cable isn't "premium certified" then yes, it's "bad".

Don't disregard the high degree of ossibility that the HDMI board in your INTEGRA is failing 

I had the very top end CAMBRIDGE AVR that crapped out twice because of HDMI issues requiring motherboard replacement under warranty .

All AVRs with ChiFi HDMI boards are evebtuskkybprone to this HDMI failure regrettably, almost to the point of "when" , not "if".

ONKYO appears the worst offender of the lot;  and their AVR HDMI failures are legendary to the point that that the manufacturer grudgingly finally formally admitted to the HDMI board design defects and its crap ChiFi build quality that they could not fix. 

There is a tsunami of AVR HDMI rant failures posts on this issue on both AGON and CANUCKAUDIOMART , and  other forums. 

Just one quick sampler out of thevmany on the latter: 

A number of years ago even ARCAM pulled its top $8K AVR out of China production and brought it home to the UK 

That is exactly why I abandoned the AVRs in favour of a quality build preamp/ processor and separate power amps