HDMI 1.3a vs. 1.4a

I am curious as to the improvements with the new 1.4a cables. Trying to get the most out of my Samsung 55" plasma.
Current cable is entry level Monstee. Not sure if it is even 1.3 version as there is no other markings on it.
HDMI 1.4 allows 3D to flow smoothly (not sure how).

Another feature is an additional two HDMI channels for TV sound from your 1.4 TV to a 1.4 receiver.
Currently, you can't get TV sound (i.e. sound coming over the air) using a 1.3 HDMI connection.
I have to use a fiber-optic IC hookup from the TV to my receiver.

HDMI simplifies this.
As far as the cable is concerned, HDMI 1.3 cables typically have enough bandwidth to support HDMI 1.4 signals. HDMI 1.4 cables are needed if you want to utilize HDMI ethernet. Otherwise high quality HDMI 1.3 cables should be good enough.
Jeff in Jax

I don't know if you have seen these before but these guides my dad found helpful when he was learning about the different HDMI versions.