HDCD Transport to non HDCD dac

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I have a question. If you have a CD transport that decodes HDCD going to a dac that is not HDCD will you still get the sound benefits of the HDCD? Please let me know.
Looks like George has answered my question. Thanks George for the comparison.

There are two Parasound 1100 dacs one does HDCD.

PARASOUND D/AC-1000 2 x PCM63P-J – SM5813AP – CS8412-CP It's a DAC

PARASOUND D/AC-1100 HD 2 x PCM63P-J – PMD100 – CS8412-CP It's a DAC

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George, the McCormack transport would not. I owned it.

That's weird as even very old dvd or cd rom drives transports in computers send it, as you'll see HDCD come up in the bottom left corner of Widows Media Player that it's a HDCD disc being played.
They must have done something pretty weird with the McCormack to needlessly filter it out.

PS: As Kalman Rubinson of Stereophile states here it must have been defective. Or maybe it could have been a bad digital link cable from it to the dac, maybe not being 75ohm

Here is the full thread.

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As I mentioned my DAC would not recognize an HDCD
signal from my Wadia transport if it was dithered.

When dither was removed the DAC saw HDCD just fine.

Every time the transport was shut down and powered
back up it defaulted to dither which was kind of a pain.

Could the McCormack transport be doing some form of processing to the digital output?