I just bought an ADCOM GDA-700 and I wanted to test its HDCD decoding. Does anyone know where I can get some?
I just bought an Acoustic Disc HDCD ACDS-24, also a re-issue of Joni Mitchell Court and Spark Asylum 1001-2 HDCD
Sorry, both came from local HMV CD store (almost said record store).
Hi, Just, go to ( www.hdcd .com ) and you can find out every CD made with HDCD. Pacific Microsonics, Inc. is the Company that Developed HDCD and they will also send you a BOOK, of "ALL CD's"---MADE, with HDCD Encoding and will send you regular Up-Dates to the Book. Let, me know if this "HELPED" you. Thank You and God Bless, William
Thank you William, that helped ALOT! Michael
A few other titles are: Greatful Dead- The Arista Years, Faith No More- Who Cares A Lot(greatest hits)(not marked as HDCH on disc or case), Live- Secret Samahdi(not marked), Megadeth- Cryptic Writings, God Lives Underwater- Life In The So Called Space Age(unmarked), Kenny Wayne Sheppard- Live On and Touble Is, The Cars- The Cars(remaster),B-52's- Time Capsule, Roxy Music-remasters, Bryan Ferry- Momouna(remaster(AWESOME!)).
I forgot to mention in my earlier post that I have found several discs that are HDCD encoded but are not marked on either the disc or the case/booklet. For some reason a few of these are not listed on HDCD.com either.
Try out Gerald Veasley's "Love Letters". Smooth jazz with an absolutely awesome bass track.
Pick up Stevie Nicks "Enchanted" boxed set. Not labeled as HDCD, but the sound is unbelievable! 3 discs in the set. Do an A/B comparison with same titles previously released on her other discs - it's killer.