HD Tracks and AS Super Hi Rez Downloader Issue


Need some help, I recently signed up for HD Tracks and made a purchase, I had an issue logging in through the download gui, it stated "There was a problem logging in please try again later" after contacting HD Tracks they just sent me a link to download it. But tonight I signed up for Acoustic Sounds Hi Rez and the same exact thing happened but its late at night I cant even get my tracks.

Has anyone experienced this before? The guys at HD Tracks said this happens from time to time, but offered no remedy.


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If you have an older computer you are using to download the file from HDTracks you may need an older version of their download app. I had the same issue with my Mac. They can email you the older version of the app.
You might try deleting your cache and cookies. Also, if you're using a program like Ghostery, pause it or turn it off for the download, then turn it back on.
thx guys ill try both things...