Has anyone tried the new Shunyata Venom MPC-12?

It's sort of two power conditioners in one. It isolates components on the Digital portion from the components on the Analog portion.

Does anyone have any experience or thoughts about it?
Its very expensive. I wouldn't buy it unless I heard it in my system. You may be able to get a large portion of what the MPC-12 can do buy going with some JPS digital AC power cords. They build a filter in to the cables them selves. I have some and they work really well.
I have MPC-12 bigger brothers the DPC-6 and Triton...they are highly effective and big improvements. I suspect the MPC-12 delivers a large measure of what I have for a smaller price...

I have my clock, transport, apple TV and turntable motor controller into the DPC-6...