Shunyata Alpha HC Ztron power cord (discontinued) vs Shunyata Venom V10 NR cord (current)

Hey folks who have had experiences with past and current models of Shunyata Research power cables and are current using Shunyata AC power cables. 

I’m currently using the current model Shunyata Venom V10 NR C19 power cord for my Shunyata PS8 AC power line distributor (recently discontinued model) with a Venom Defender plugged on the PS8 to connect to wall outlet. I have a current model Shunyata Delta V2 NR power cord for my power amp; Shunyata Delta V1 NR power cord for my CD/SACD player / DAC; Transparent Reference MM1 Powerlink power cord (older model) for my preamp; Audioquest Blizzard power cord for my digital transport / streamer. All of these are plugged on the Shunyata PS8 AC power line distributor with the Venom Defender plugged on the PS8. 

I recently saw a discontinued model Shunyata Alpha HC Ztron C19 power cord on US Audio Mart and I’m about to pull a trigger on it. I’m willing to trade my Venom V10 NR C19 cord in for the Alpha HC Ztron C19 cord to use between my Shunyata PS8 to wall. Do you all think the older Alpha HC Ztron cord would be an upgrade in performance from my current Venom V10 NR cord (current model)? Again, this is for use between my Shunyata PS8 AC power line distributor and the wall. 

Need advises, thoughts, and opinions on this. Thanks in advance. 


FWIW, Grant (of Shunyata) was very helpful to me when I was considering various used options. I ended up with a Black Mamba CX HC, which he recommended highly.

That was a couple of years ago, and I had a more recent exchange with him in which he listed your current Venom V10 NR at the top of a four cord Venom/Delta list. That doesn't mean that he believes that it is superior to the Ztron, as it wasn't being considered, but he obviously thinks highly of your current cord.


Thanks for the response. How do I get a hold of Grant at Shunyata? Do you have his email or contact info? Thank you.

I can tell you that the Venom are upgradeable in that I’ve done it, but I doubt that anyone here can give you valuable advice, but we can give you opinions. So, that is what I will do. First off, if you want to talk to someone at Shunyata, then call Shunyata. You don’t need a special code, secret EMail, or phone number. Second, I personally doubt that making one small upgrade of one power cord will be worth the money, or trouble. I believe that major improvements happen with major outlays of money, but should never be attempted without the ability to return what you bought. Lastly, I approached Shunyata as a power system where components were designed to function together. I believe that JB52’s opinion above is not to be discarded without consideration. It is best to start with the belief that making power cord changes is a waste of money and make the changes you make earn their keep, or return them. You can view my system to see where I ended up. When I upgraded, I didn’t make small upgrades. I really doubt that I would have seen such an improvement in the sound of my system with small incremental upgrades. I’m also absolutely sure that others bettered the sound of my system through more careful selection through the years and much more money spent. I think that today, top tier power products from companies like Shunyata, when compared to components plugged into the wall, makes for a clear convincing difference. Short of this, I suspect that a lot of money is spent on questionable improvements. Maybe there are products at 1/4 the price of Shunyata’s most expensive cables and power conditioners that will do the same job, but I’m skeptical.  I do believe that companies like DH Labs might get you 80%-90% there for much less money.

Dilatante, here is a direct answer to your direct question based on my personal experience. The Alpha Hc was originally the upgrade cable recommended by Shunyata from the stock PS8 cable. It represents a very nice upgrade from stock and from your venom. I got rid of mine and regret it to this very day.  I sincerely believe it will do the job and then some. I could not find a replacement so I ended up with the Delta XC which does a fine job. I know I'm  late to the discussion but I hope what I offered helps.