Has anyone tried the Maple Audio Works cables?

I recently started communicating with a dealer in Canada who I found has as great a passion for music as he does for the equipment he sells,very informative,knowledgeable and will return every e-mail you send(how many dealers do you know that do this?)Through his convincing salesmanship I opted to try a pr. of Maple Audio Works(MAW for short).These Ambiance are the company's most popular although they offer more expensive and slightly better cables.The Ambiance represent the best value for the buck.The Ambiance retail for $370.00 but Omer(Dealer) will not only give a fair discount but will include freight.Anyway,interconnects arrived the very next day and I hooked up from amp to preamp.I previously had tried in this location the best offerings from Stealth,Acoustic Zen,and the 330 Shotgun MIT, and none of these held a candle to the Ambiance.I couldn't believe what I was hearing,better soundstage,harmonic tonality,presence and just plain realism.Perhaps this was a fortunate system match-up but I do believe I have found a "diamond-in-the-rough",a hidden Canadian jewel that the American mags don't want to acknowledge.Anyone else tried this cable and found the same results that I found?
let me say that I have a bias as I know the boys @ Maple Audio and their cables are still my reference. They have had some limited press exposure to date and are preparing cables for Canadian and British publications. Like all audio new comers, it has been a slow road to hoe but with patience all will come together nicely.

Just wait for their "inexpensive" power cord with in-line conditioning to hit the streets...

You can e-mail me for more details.
I own Ambiance as well, give yours a bit of time to break in and then you'll really hear what these cables are capable of. You're absolutely right, these cables are MUCH better than they cost and you'd have to spend a lot more money to move up the food chain.
For those who own Maple Audio Works (MAW) interconnects,I found a great location to put the Whisper ic's,from T.V.out to pre/pro in. For $97.00 these little Whispers are a steal.I've never heard movies sound so good.