Has anyone run two amps at the same off a VTL 2.5

I have a VTL 2.5 pre amp.I use it with a VTL ST-150 and a Yamaha M-80.I have different speakers hooked up to each of the power amps.I usually power the system down to switch over the cables from one amp to the next,but there are two sets of outputs on the pre amp and I am wondering if it would do harm to drive both amps at the same time.This would be nice for multi room operation,or just a wider soundstage.Not to mention the pain in the ass factor of switching everything all the time.My main concern would be if I were using the Yamaha while the VTL tube amp was powered down would it harm the amp to have the pre amp sending an input signal all the time.Hope this makes sense.....Thanks.
It should work fine either way.
Not sure, probably OK, but I'd call VTL directly and ask them, I usually learned a few things when I called them & talked to Bea, or Luke.
I have a 2.5 & have it hooked to a stereo amp & a sub. The sub has its own amp & I haven't had any problem. I use both R&L outputs from the pre.

Sometimes I run the stereo w/o the sub & the sub is fine.