Has anyone out there HotRodded a tx-11B tuner ?

I have a tx-11b tuner that I keep in my office at work.
It receives stations better than any tuner I've used. The sound quality is quite good, but nowhere close to my mcintosh mr-78. Is there any way to hotrod the output stages of this thing ? I would have this professionally done.

Also, would I be better off putting the money into this or into having the long-range tuning ability of my extra McIntosh MR-71 improved ? The 71 actually sounds a little better than the 78, it just doesn't get the stations as well.
Hi John,

You should contact Don Scott at bdscott@nac.net. Don is a former Stereophile writer who specializes in vintage tuners. He modified a 30 year old Kenwood KT 8005 for me and it just blew me away. He is reasonably priced and honest. He also will give you good advice on the best route to take.

Good luck,