Has anyone heard the Joule Electra Stargates?

I saw the Stereophile story on them, they look interesting. I have Silverline Sonatas, they are fairly efficient so I don't need a whole lot of power. Opinions please, I am looking at these amps and would like any opinions before I take the plunge. Thanks!
I have the Stargates at home and run them on the Merlins. I also used to have a pair of Sonatas, I think that the Sonatas would sound outstanding with the Stargates. Please make sure you have good speaker cables, would recommend Zcable Passion speaker cables. All the best, Joe
I had them with a pair of Sonatas, they were great!
Well, there is a pair of Stargates on auction for a cheap price, I may go for them then. Are you saying the amps NEED high-quality speaker cables to sound their best, or just that it helps? I ask as I am using Tara Prism 1000, which is OK for what it costs but not exactly "high-end" wire.

Joule and Merlins and Silverlines etc..., don't those guys usually recommend Cardas or something along those lines? Would Neutral Reference be good enough?
Findoc, I would just call or write to Jud and ask him. I believe that the Joule/Merlin tandem, which have been shown together for years, included Cardas. I may be wrong, but I think Merlins are wired internally with Cardas, so that would make sense. But that logic doesn't necessarily apply to your Sonatas. I chatted with Jud when I sent him my LA-100mkIII to be upgraded and found him to be very approachable.

You might also ask Silverline what they recommend. Many speaker manufactures use specific cables when they "voice" their speakers.
I think Merlin recommended the Cardas Golden Cross or Golden Reference because of the internal wiring, but it also helped to flesh out the low end on the older VSM-SE design. The VSM-M design does that on it's own, so the "M" version would probably sound good with the Neutral Reference or something less "warm". As always...it depends on all of your other eqipment. I don't think there's any reason you need to use Cardas for Joule amps.
I have the Stargates on my Soliloquy 6.5s (92db and 8 ohms). Amazing combo. These amps have cojones. Easily bested my MF A3CR solid state amp, and my Manley Stingray. Bass that sounds like they have 300 watts, not the 30 watts they actually have. SET midrange magic. I am quite happy with these. Should work well with the similar Silverlines.