has anyone heard the de-capos.

i have 805n's. i near field listen approx 7ft equilateral triangle. have tried everything in the attempt to get the speakers to disappear. it ain't happening. i want what all of us nuts want, depth,stage etc..... equipment is as follows : bc-3 pre, quicksilver silver 60's with every combo of tubes allowed, euridia speakers, 805n's, audio magic cables, wadia transport, wadia 15 dac, pv8 pre, and pv5. speakers are 5ft from front wall, 2ft from side walls.
thinking about the de-capo's
thanks, tim
Is that the Blue Circle preamp you are describing as model BC 3? If so, you might try a well designed tube preamp as a trial before going any further.

I would also consider Purist or Cardas interconnect cables, and maybe even speaker runs.

Are you running hard isolation devices under your preamp and amps? They can be a problem if they bring the soundstage too far forward. All of this is worth thinking about before spending any more money.
Hi Tim,

Although good speakers I've never felt pulling off the disappearing act is a core strength of B&W speakers. Haven't heard the De-Capos in person but from what I've heard I'd bet they do a much better job in this regard.

One monitor speaker I have heard extensively that does the disappearing thing magnificently is the Soliloquy 5.0 that you can get for around $1300 with cool and beefy matching stands. They are relatively tube friendly and work really well with nearfield positioning as they throw off a huge and transparent 3D soundstage, and they really bring the performance in the room. Worth a listen if you can find a dealer. Best of luck.

I have the de capos. I am not familiar with your equipment, so cannot accurately address your situation. I will say, however, that the MM's are still improving after about a year. They are capable of revealing the difference in every upgrade/change I have made. Do they disappear? Yes. One of the most incredible speakers I have heard both at home and at the shows. If one of "our own" produced them, they would be twice+ the price and in every home.
You may try crossing your current speakers in front of you, just to see what happens. This sometimes works when nothing else will. No, I don't listen this way, but I know it has produced good results in some situations. Best, Roger
I believe 2 ft from the side walls are not far enough. Please just forget the equilateral triange for a while, and move your N805 far away the side walls. I guess 4- ft would be pretty good. De Capos are more musical, but have a bump around 700Hz & less eerie high frequency.