Has anyone heard Billy Holiday on SACD?

I was looking at the release list of SACD's from Sony and saw Billy Holiday "Lady in Satin". Has anyone heard it, is it an upgrade?
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Check out this source which reviews several SACD recordings, one of which was the Billie Holiday SACD. The review is not positive. http://www.audaud.com/audaud/MAR00/SACDs/SACDs.html I own the remastered CD. It's the best CD recording of Billie Holiday that I'm aware, but it's a little harsh. I'm sure the SACD version is better--but not outstanding when compared with better recorded performances of other artists.
i heard the sacd on really highend stuff at ces earlier this week. i wasn't impressed. the lp on columbia sounds much better.
found it to be a disappointment. I'm not sure if re-mixing has anything to do with the poor sound quality. The album itself is not really representative of Ms. Holiday. Her voice sounds raspy and all smoked out.
I just discovered this album a month back. I have the Columbia re-issue on LP and it's a great recording. Has that great 'golden age' tube sound. Amazing album. Her voice is older, a little cracked, but still beautiful in most places. I think that's what makes this album so great. You can hear all the years. Magnificent.