Has anyone auditioned or own Viva Aurora amps

I'm thinking of replacing my wonderful Lamm M2.1 amps for a pair of Viva Aurora monoblock amps. I'm using a Thor Ta1000 linestage pre amp and an Audio Research PH3SE phonostage with Kharma Ceramique 1 speakers (8ohm load 92 db effiency) The Viva's are SET based on the 845 tube at 21 Watts RMS. Any advice ?
I have owned the Viva Auroras with both the 572 and 845 output tubes. Unfortunately I did not audition them against the Lamm M 2.1 nor did I try them on Kharma speakers.

Yours will be a difficult question to answer if you are seeking advice from someone who has made those exact comparisons.
I recently heard the 60 watt Thor monoblocks with the Kharma 1.0 speakers and it was the best I ever heard Kharma speakers sound. I thought it sounded much better than with the Lamm's which I heard in another showroom.
Thank you both Albertporter and Khaki8 Nick