Origin Live's Aurora, Aurora Gold and Resolution ?

I am interested to hear what annyone as to say regarding the sound of either one of those decks.
I am mostly interested in the Aurora or the Aurora Gold but if annyone as experience the Resolution sound it would also a be a relevant description for me to read about.
I read good things about its "musicality" and well balance tonality and neutrality but know nothing of its soundscaping and imaging ability or its large scale dynamics.
I've not heard them, but Bound for Sound had a very positive review of the Aurora (Gold?) a couple of months ago and Stereophile has a very positive review of the Resolution this month. You might want to check those out.
I recently changed from an Origin Live Oasis S(predecessor to the resolution), to a Resolution. Both are good, but the resolution is remarkable. Detailed, dynamic, with a deep base and wide soundstage. The only quible is that even with the latest DC200 motor, the noise from the brushes is still audible if you stand close. I have'nt heard the Aurora, but the gold in particular is reviewed here in the UK as being very near the Resolution, but £500($900) cheaper. It does use the cheaper advanced power supply and DC100 motor. In any event both the Resolution and Oasis S "stomped all over" my admitedly aged LP12. The problem of course, if you are in the US, the exchange rate makes it much less competitive