Has anybody tried the Musical Fidelity M1 ViNL?

I guess this replaces their old kW phono preamp. It has instrumentation IC amps inside. Are they good enough now? It has a lot of capability for a very nice price. I would be using a LOMC cartridge with it mostly. How does it compare with other phono preamps?

I haven't tried it, but the below review came out recently:


As for the kW phono stage, an audio buddy really regrets selling that one. If the new phono stage comparable? Don't know. There is a difference between using some of the circuitry from the kW phono stage (a V-LPS claim) and actually building out a reference level phono stage with all of the goodies that make such things excel, like top-notch parts and power supplies.
I had one in my system, along with a stock PS Audio GCPH, Sutherland PH3D, Sanders Sound Systems Phono Stage, and Linn Uphorik.

The MF was the least appealing to me. It sounded lean and relatively flat.
I had the kW, it was very good; only sold it as I got a Basis Exclusive which is better at 3x the cost. I now have a V-LPS which I bought as a back up and to use with MM cartridges. Used with my Little Pinkie PS it is quite good and a real bargain but my memory tells me that the kW was considerably better. As you would expect, the thing was as overbuilt as a Tiger Tank. Dual Mono and heavy as lead.