Has any compared the Avid Diva to the VPI scout.

I have a Music Hall MMF-5 and am thinking aobut upgrading. I have heard the scout and know that I could live with it. I have a small but growing lp collection. I haven't heard the diva but the reviews of it and the rest of the Avid line are positive (design philosopy etc). The Diva is still within budget. I have a Creek phono stage.
What would does the Audiogon community think? Get the Scout and spend more money on the cartrige or phone stage or get the more expensive potientaly better table and upgare the cartrige and phono stage as funds allow.
the avid diva is a very refined table. the vpi might be the popular choice, but the diva would be a destination. many scout owners start figgiting to improve performance rather quickly. both are sound choices, but the diva is special.
for philosophy, the turntable is the basis for all that happens with the tonearm and cartridge. Given that a sound foundation should produce the avid results one is searching to achieve. Add ons can only improve what is altogether sound to begin with