Harry Potter sound

Picked up a copy of Harry Potter on DVD yesterday and listened to it last night. Is it just me or is the sound quite good? I was impressed. Sides were not overdone and voices were on the screen and clearly audible throughout without having to pump up the center. And the main tracks were downright lush.

Or was it the beer and Orville Redenbacher?

I think that would depend on a couple of things.

1 - Was it dark beer?

2 - Were you using real butter on the popcorn?

Mixing the two has been known to alter more than just the sound stage. :^)

I just picked up the DVD a couple of days ago. I'll give it a look/listen and get back to you.
alright bishopwill it bettter be good because i just bought it based on what you said about it. i will let you know soon.
Bishop, I enjoyed the sound as well. Kirk, I would warn you though that if you're looking for huge impact this really isn't that type of movie. I thought the presentation overall was very natural and never really drew attention to itself, it allowed you to just enjoy the movie. That being said, I think the books are a thousand times more enjoyable.
The books are better, to be sure. But you must admit that they stuck closer to the book than Disney (for example) ever has.

The beer was plain old Corona w/lime.
The popcorn was "Pour Over Buttery Cheese."

Gunbei is right, this isn't a score that reaches out and bashes you in the face. Just sit back and enjoy.

Not a dig, but I was glad I just rented it.
Good point Bishop. Chris Columbus did about as a good a job as one can expect in adapting a richly written book into a two hour movie. Maybe "a thousand times" was a wee bit of a stretch.
My girlfriend loves Potter. Good observation the sound was excellent.