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Regarding two aftermarket power cables: "These differences in the shapes of the musical waveforms are far too small to see or measure with even the most sophisticated technology, yet we as listeners not only routinely discriminate such differences, we sometimes find musical meaning in these differences."

 Nonsense. Just because people claim to "routinely discriminate" differences doesn't mean it's true or they're right. Apparently many have witnessed UFOs but that doesn't mean they actually saw extraterrestrial visitors, does it? Some have seen/heard a deity speaking to them "routinely"; does that imply that they are surely communing with an unseen/unmeasurable spiritual force(s)? Can we not put a little more effort into confirmatory reality-testing first when "the most sophisticated technology" can find nothing in 2020? (Of course, speaker cables can measure differently as per here, here, even if not necessarily audible in many cases by the time we connect amp to speaker.)

I will give 10:1 odds that people who use the same words, over and over in their posts, like fourier transform, or nyquist, have probably no real practical work where they have had to use fourier transforms or given serious consideration to how their system will be impacted by nyquist limits and subharmonic modulation. When your only tool is a hammer, you keep pulling it out of the bag. Problem is, someone only told them it was a hammer. It was really a wrench.

"Of course, glupson, you will default to the most extreme, invalid comparisons, completely ignoring the context. What else would be expected of you? Pathetic."

It is a bit strange that a person who brought Biblical stories about the great flood into the thread about aftermarket power cords is complaining about me going to extremes and ignoring the context. Are you practicing for a sit-down comedy show?
The community can see clearly that 1. I responded to the initial negative comments by others in regard to religion and audio. 2. I presented a book that has scientific backing (A degreed geologist, oil industry data from wells drilled, analysis of plate tectonics, etc.) which attempts to show a coherent analysis of the Flood and supports it with lithographic evidence.

Further, I have attempted to return the discussion to the topic at hand. 
"Further, I have attempted to return the discussion to the topic at hand."

What an attempt...

"I’m deeply religious, reading a great scientific book right now called Carved in Stone which uses petroleum industry data to assess the Earths lithography. Yup, there was a global Flood. Mockers will always mock what they do not understand, and a favorite trick is to use a false dichotomy between religion and science."

By the way, reading what you wrote in subsequent posts, the book and the findings you conveyed do not support "global flood". I am not saying it did not happen, but only that three continents do not make a globe.
Audio Advisor has already solved this one.


Runner-up to Isoacoustics with Gaia.