Harbeth shl5 upgrade over spendor s8e?

I'm considering upgrading my system with harbeth shl5 speakers. I dont have an opportunity to audition them so would love feedback from those of you who had the chance the compare it with my current speakers, the spendor s8e.
First off, I love my spenders. Great for jazz, render vocals. They exhibit true musicality. But I recently upgraded my system with an lfd int amp - superb- and heard that it pairs really well with the harbeths. My listening mix is mostly classical ( mostly chamber music, cello,...), jazz, blues, world music, and only a bit of pop, rock. My current system consists of nas, sonos, w4s dac1 with supercaps, lfd ncse, spendor s8e.

Would the harbeth shl5 be an improvement or not?

If you like a sound that is more open and transparent with more air and high-frequency extension the SHL5 would be a massive improvement over the S8e. The SP series are more comparable to the Harbeth IMO.

If you peruse the archives you would notice some comments on the Harbeth being a more exciting speaker. The Spendors are more bland and laidback in comparison.

Spendor S8e review http://whathifi.com/Review/Spendor-S8e/

If considering the Harbeth, you probably already know the LFD is one of the most successful amp that matches Harbeth very well. If you like the way your Spendors are singing it would probably be wise to stick with them. If looking for more excitement then explore the SHL5.
I bought my SHL5's because of the surprising scale it brings to most music, including classical, along with its magical midrange.

They also sound good with most amps. Before I bought my Naim gear I ran mine with an old AV amp with for awhile and was very happy.
Thank you for your comments.

When you call the spendor more laid back, can you describe what you mean? Is it the sensitivity? Stronger bass and higher frequencies?

I like speakers to not "add" to the music. Do the harbeths maintain neutrality?
Harbeths musicality is addictive.Once you fall in love,in love forever:) Yes they are neutral.
For many years i used to listen to the Spendors. Great speakers, but when i heard the Harbeths, the Spendors were sold...
There is quite a difference between the harbeths and the spendors.... once in awhile i do miss the spendors but the harbeths are something else.

Yes, S8 to SHL5 is a big upgrade in terms of neutrality, details, musicality and clarity!!
I've owned C7's and SHL5's. Most post here and elsewhere that SHL5 is better on many levers. My view is depends. My pen pals in Japan prefer C7's 2 to 1. Not only because there listening spaces tend to be smaller either. Alan Shaw has had quite a bit to say about this, scratching his head in amusement that C7's aren't favored just as much as the SHL5. I have my thoughts on the matter. Suffice to say in one respect most Americans like all things bigger. Hope not to invite sniping, that's not my intent. Both are wonderful broadcast monitors. Alan can explain the difference between a studio and broadcast monitor on his website if you have any interest. Cheers.
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