Harbeth C7es3 vs PMC Twenty.22 comparisons?

Anyone heard both these speakers? Thinking about a switch to the PMC and curious about opinions. As I'm getting older, I'm seeking out more dynamic speaker performance.... which is weird because I expected to go the other way.
I have the same question, could anybody shed some light on this topic?
Thank you!

I know these aren't the same models, but FWIW here's a comparison of Harbeths and PMCs excerpted from a post of mine from April 2015.

The Harbeth Super HL5 Plus were a real surprise. I don’t want to use the word bright, so let’s just say that they were a lot less warm, less mellow and less forgiving than I’d expected. I didn’t listen to them very long, because frankly I wasn’t enjoying the experience, although the bass extension was a pleasant surprise (specs really tell you very little). The salesperson said that in his view they had the least warm/mellow/etc. sound of all the models in the Harbeth range.

And so on to the PMCs. I really liked the 23s and the 24s. Again, they did everything well, obviously more bass extension on the 24s, and they did draw me in with their musicality. Perhaps a little less so than the VA Baby Grands, but the 24s made up for that when listening to full-scale orchestral music. The more expensive PMC Facts I didn’t care for as much, more analytical/neutral, and hence—for me—less musical.

The PMC Twenty 24s [and the VA Beethoven Baby Grands] are the winners in my own, subjective ranking.