Harbeth C7 speaker grill

How do I remove the grill from the Harbeth C7 speaker without damaging the grill?
Alternatively you can slowly and carefully loosen the grille that sits firmly in the groove with your fingers by gripping the edges and pulling bit by bit. Works fine for me but it will require some effort since the grille is firmly snugged all along the groove when the speakers are brand new out of the box.
Yo Ryder, are your fingers made of steel? :-)

I've tried the method you suggested and gave up without being able to budge the grilles. Figured I'd just put a thumb through a driver if I went any further! I just taught myself to appreciate the looks with the grilles in place

Hesson11, not too sure whether my fingers are made of steel but my dealer helped me remove the grilles, with his bare hands. He had done that with most of his customers' pairs. A few of my friends removed the grilles by themselves without any sort of aids as well.

If the grilles are fitted too tight in the groove and can't be removed without any form of tools, then the magnet remover may be feasible. After the grille is removed for the first time, there won't be any problems removing them after that provided one does not push the grilles all the way into the slot with full force.
I tried using all sorts of tools but at the end, fingers worked for me too. Do it a little at a time by digging in to the corners and after a while, you will find one corner starts to get loose, usually at the bottom, dig the other bottom corner out and push them back in to loosen up the top. No finger nails please but use the finger tips. Ask someone with small hands will be easiler. cheers.