Happy Birthday Miles

Yup Miles Davis would be 80 years young today. This guy was to jazz as what The Beatles were to Rocknroll. Always ahead of the pack always setting the direction that jazz moved toward there was only one Miles. What is your favorite period or his favorite recording?
Just makes you want to run out and beat the crap out of Cicely Tyson, doesn't it?
I raise the glass of Remy for Mr Davis' b-day!
My favourite period is after 70's i.e. after Bitches Brew.
I really Bummed out when he passed. I will play some of his music to honor his memory.
There is so much great Miles stuff out there. I have one of the last recordings he did which was a live performance at Montrox with many other performers. When Miles was on he still had his chops.
Just go buy it all.
I listen to Miles almost every day. Happy Birthday! My faovrite recording by him is Miles Smiles.
Now that I think about it, I listen to more Miles than any other performer, and the reason is that his playing never gets old, just better. My favorite recording, of course, is KOB because it was the first jazz recording I ever heard as a little kid and, well, it is fine music. Fans might also check out the solos he did w/Branford Marsalis (for Shirley Horn) shortly before he died -- really poignant playing.