Hales System II Signature Help Sought.


I've lost the threaded spikes that were supplied with my
Sys 2 Sig. Does anyone know where I can get either a
replacement set or something that can support the 100 lbs
speakers? Thanks in advance for your help.
Sknnyc, I'm afraid I do not know were you can replace the spikes, however, I have tried both Harmonix footers and Black Diamond racing cones under the Sig's and they both work well.The Footers especially are a good way to go.
I changed my stock Revelation Two's spikes with audiopoints.com spikes. They make them in a variety of threads and sizes and will probably know which size your speakers require. I would recommend that you definately go with the spikes that have the widest base. The smaller ones they sent me have made rings in my cabinets.