Hafler Amps

I have a friend who is just getting started in Hi Fi, and he does not have much money to spend. He is looking for a power amp for around $200. I suggested a Hafler DH200 or other model of Hafler amp. I used to own one and it was a well built amp. He has a Hafler DH110 preamp now. Anyone know where he could find one. Any other sites for selling Equipment besides Audiogon? Please help a new guy get started in our hobby
Go to "stereophile" online and hit the "links to die for" and you can get lost in them for a month looking at all sort of stuff... including other sales sites.. (but I can tell you right now AudiogoN is the BEST!!!)
Try HCMAUDIO.COM. I know that they carry some Hafler amps,
but I did not notice the price points. Good luck.
I second Elizabeth's comment that this is the best site. I have had mixed results with eBay, some great and some not so great. I have owned a Hafler DH-200 amp and DH101 preamp for twenty years and agree that the DH200 would be a good entry level amp, particularly if he already has Hafler preamp. I am considering putting mine on the block since I switched to home theater setup, but can't quite seem to let it go. There is one for sale here on Audiogon and one on eBay. I typically see them go for $150 to $200. E-mail me if you want more specific information. Good luck and good listening!