Gryphon Diablo for Amati Anniversarios


I bought SF Amati Anniversarios.
I have a small budget for electronics.
Gryphon Diablo is a good choice for my speakers?
Not weak this amp for Amatis?

Thanks in advance!
I need opinions!
I've no experience of the combination but as you've had no response figured I'd throw you my 2 cents fwiw.

Clearly can't comment on the synergy between Gryphon and SF but I'd think the Diablo is in the right ballpark as intergrated amps go. A guy I know used to run a Dartzeel intergrated with his Amatis A's and loved the combo. Only reason he changed the speakers was a house move and a smaller listening space (he downsized to Guaneri).
Gryphon Diablo is one of the worlds best integrateds. It will have no problem driving the Amatis and will not bottleneck them either.