Sonus Faber Amati in Home Theater

Has anyone hear the Sonus Faber in a Home Theater? I have heard conflicting information about whether these speakers are dynamic enough or to delicate for a home theater. I would like speakers that work in a home theater and sound exceptional for 2 channel music. Any thoughts.

I used my Sonus Faber Amati's in a home theater setup along with a Sonus Faber Center Channel speaker. It was (and is) outstanding. I have since moved to listening mostly to music, and therefore sold my rear speakers.

Today, for the most part I listen exclusively to music through the Amati's. (In fact, I still have my center channel and need to sell it!).

However the purpose of this post isn't to sell them, so to answer your main question; the Sonus's are neither too "delicate" nor do they lack in dynamism for HT (or music!).

These are truly speakers to hold on to forever; I used to own the Parsifal Encores but the Amati's speak more to me.
Thanks. Do you have any suggestions on the best equipment to work with the Amati? i.e processor, amps, etc.
You're welcome. I'm not sure that I am the best "expert" in this regard, as I have only heard them in my system!

I have had the EAD PowerMaster 2000 amplifier driving them and the combination is superb. In terms of pre-amps I use either the EAD TheaterMaster Signature and the LAMM L1, and while the TheaterMaster is very very good, the LAMM's are even better. They just let the music "flow". One day I'll spring for one of the LAMM amps and I expect I will be done for life!

I have tried a couple of different cables including Transparent but couldn't hear any differences and use my Audiogon purchased Signal Cable to extremely good effect.

Good luck with your selections.
A friend of mine is driving his with Sony SCD-1/Sonic Frontier Line 3 SE/BAT VK-75 SE. The sound is just stunning! (Got me to think about upgrading my Thiel 3.6)

We did a side-by-side comparison a few weeks ago between his Line 3 SE and my GNSC modded LS-25 Mk I. The Line 3 SE beat out the LS-25 Mk I with Siemens Falcon 6922 tubes. But when we swapped out the tubes with a quad of Amperex white label USN-CEP 7308s, all votes went to the LS-25 hands down.

I have not heard it myself in his system, but he has been prasing about the Audio Aero CD player which he had borrowed and inserted into his system several times. I had heard the Audio Aero CD player in another system, and it was pretty impressive.

I had done some research about the Amati's afterwards. They seem to not like Levinson gears, so stay away from the Levinson amps.