Green Mountain Audio "vs" Reference 3a

Hey, Folks,

Since Reference 3a speakers and Green Mountain Audio speakers have similar design philosophies -- time aligned, phase coherent 1st-order crossovers -- I was wondering if any of you have compared them head to head and have any comparative comments.

Basicaly a bump. I have heard both but in different systems and enviornments. One thing I have noticed is the asymetric off axis response of the 3a.
Could you explain further what you mean by "asymmetric off axis response?"
Ref has the tweeter off to one sideand that affects its lateral response. Stereophile has a revoew and it shows the tweeter likes more baffel to reflect against. Smother response when listened with speaker rotated so the tweeter is away fron the listener. Hope that makes sense as this IS new years day. . .is'nt it?