Great Sounding New Releases

Hi everyone, I would just like to let you all know about this one new CD that I picked up recently that sound great!! Now please reserve your judgement until you've heard it for yourself since I'm quite sure that the group and date of recording will have many of you saying "NO WAY!". Okay, it's the new 4 CD set on Arista called "Ladies and Gentlemen...The Grateful Dead". It was recorded at the old Fillmore East back in April 1971. The disc was remastered from the original two-track master tapes and it is by far one of the best sounding live recordings I have ever heard. Everything is crystal clear and perfectly balanced, with very clear soundstaging. I'm sure that most of you know a Deadhead or two - ask them to bring their copy over to your place for a listen, you will not be disappointed. BTW, don't them tell you that they have a really good tape of these shows - this CD blows away any Dead tape I've ever heard - and I've heard quite a few.
Thanks Ralphp_nj, I owe you one.
I agree. This is the best-sounding GD ever released, and it's from that particularly sweet time in the band's career--The Quintessential Quintet, indeed. A new one to check out: Wonder Bar by Martin Sexton. Good enough sound, but better music. Very worthwhile.
Gee, it's great to hear that others agree with one's accessment of the sound of a recording (I hesitate to say CD since I'm a vinyl fanatic). This CD really does sound quite good. What kind of music is the Martin Sexton CD, if one is able to describe it in ten words or less.
He's a singer-songwriter. The music is more grown up than most of the adult contemporary stuff I hear on the radio. This record has a nice eclecticism of song styles. Some of his singing is very reminiscent of the late Jeff Buckley, but the music is more accessible.
yo ralph! finally a gd cd that audiophiles might admire. being a >middle-aged deadhead, i say, "it's about time." IMHO, american beauty, mars hotel and terrapin station (particularly remastered on mfsl vinyl) are among the great rock recordings of the past 30 years, right up there w/ the white album & sgt. pepper. there are also some heavy duty numbers on dick's picks. need all of 'em tho to appreciate the differences.
I posted it here before but will again: Cowboy Junkies "Waltz Across America". It's only available at Think I'll try the 'Dead collection-- thanks.
Check out Johnny Lang's two CDs. There is a 98 release that is excellent and a 96 release called Lie To Me - he is a combo of Joe Cocker and the Subdudes.
not surprising that the greatful dead cd sounds great - that band was more concerned w/audiophile-type sound quality at their shows than any other band before or since, *period*. no one else has even come close. the g-d even got writen up in s'phile, due to their extreme concern for sound quality. a recent excellent recording - on vinyl! - is the buena-vista social club (also awailable on cd). this is a must-have for anyone interested in cuban music - the songs *and* the sound-quality are outstanding. doug
gosh...if you like those dead MUST go purchase the sets from David Grissman. He has a company called "Dawg Productions" and the label is "Acoustic Productions". There are several Garcia/Grissman discs and one with Tony Rice. All acoustic, and all HDCD! They are some of the best sounding discs that I have ever heard. Try "Shady Grove" can't go wrong! PS...Grissman on mandolin, Jerry on acoustic. Have fun!
mfgrep: i agree on grissman's stuff. besides "shady grove," my faves are "not for children only" and "the pizza tapes." i also recommend the acoustic sound samplers called "100% handmade sound." there are 5 volumes in this series, each with a great variety of well-recorded acoustic artists. another great sounding new release is paul simon's "your the one." i saw simon last week perform at the fillmore auditorium (now resurrected in denver); one of the best concerts i've ever attended, and i've been to lots.
check out John Hiatt's "Crossing Muddy Waters" on Vanguard records. mostly acoustic blues all written by hiatt, excellent. thanks for the dead recommendation.
Your right about the Grissman stuff sounding great - I have an LP of his quintet called "Acousticity" (or something like that) which is one of the best sounding recording I own. However, I'm going to start new thread called "Hidden Audiophile Classics" where we tell each other about all these older recordings that sound great but have not been praised for their sonic merits. I was hoping to use this thread as a way of finding out about "new" releases that sound really good.
Another "new" release which sounds great is the Dave Holland Quintet's "Prime Directive" on ECM. And the playing and compositions are firstr rate too.