Great Beatles CD

Wondering if anyone could tell me of a good/great version of "Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band" on CD.
As far as I know, they're all the same. They were digitally mastered in 86 or 87, and that is still the current version. They really need some 24/96 remastering. I'm sure they're going to wait and try to make as much cash as possible.
FWIW, I feel that the best version of Sgt. Pepper is the MONO mix. There is a Japanese remastered CD of this, and an Italian copy too (I believe). The Japanese in particular won't be cheap, but worth it IMHO. I don't believe that the "standard issue" CDs (stereo) have been remastered yet so as to make them better than what's currently available (per George Martin interview with Michael Fremer in a recent issue of Listener). Good Luck and Happy Listening! -John
If you've heard One the recent Beatles greatest hits then it's been remastered and it sounds great. I would be very surprised if the whole back catalogue isn't done so buy the old CD and then trade it in when the new one arrives. Please vote for me I'm a nice guy.
I thought "One" is maybe the brightest sounding remastered cd I have ever heard (and no, it has nothing to do with my system!)
Ben,I voted for you.Do I have to tell you how? :)
i agree with musikdok on this one. the japanese cd is the best i've heard, tho it doesn't come close to several vinyl versions. the very best recording of sgt. pepper, IMO, is the japanese mono pressed on clear red vinyl. the mofi beatle's box version comes in a close second.