Gramophone SA-CD

Good news! Grampohone magazine, finally seems to recognize high resolution audio quality, in November issue there's a free SACD disc added (which BTW I highly recommend) and since next issue Gramophone starts new review column dedicated to new SA-CD releases.

Gramophone November issue
Boy, are they ahead of the curve!

the catalogue of classical recordings available on SACD is growing every day, Gramophone's decision to review them and present them to wider audience around the world makes sense to me
It would have made much more sense 3+ years ago when there was the potential of general viability for the SACD market. Today, it is still growing (and I am grateful for that) but it is restricted to the smaller companies and to classical music and the rest of the world has turned away.

Too little, too late.

Kal (who has been reviewing them, albeit on a smaller scale, for years)
but the smaller companies like Pentatone, Channel Classics, BIS, Harmonia Mundi, DECCA Esoteric and other classical labels releasing SACD's are doing great job, so I don't think it's too late, the SACD disc added to Gramophone was pressed in 55000 copies.

PS non classical albums are also coming out, although not as many as classical ones, for example MFSL (Pixies - Bossanova, Marvin Gaye - What's going on, Foghat - Fool for the city), APO (25 blue note titles on SACD are coming soon)..