Graham Phantom

Any owners who own it ?
How is it ? Compared to others ?
I note that you were a participant in our prior thread on the Graham Phantom back in February and March this year, so I won't repeat what was said then. The only thing I could add at this time is that my opinion has not changed after another eight months of living with it. Best Regards.
I've had Phantom X since March '05 and it is the best arm I've owned bar none.
Sorry, I don't have any input on the Phantom, unfortunately.
I am curious as to your expereiences with the Graham 2.2 and the Wheaton Tri-Planar VII, as these are arms that I've been considering. I admit to leaning towards the Tri-Planar myself. What are your impressions?

I have a Graham 2.2 (which I love), have heard the Phantom but not in my system) and have spent a weekend with the Tri-Planar (Wheaton) 7 in my system. I have a two armed set up so the comparisons were made by going back and forth between arms and using the same cartridges.
I don't think I can draw any clear conclusions on the Phantom since I have not heard it in my system. All of the posts from Graham 2.2 owners that have moved up to the Phantom are overwhelmingly positive in favor of the Phantom.
I love my 2.2, but the Tri-Planar was clearly superior to the sound I get from the Graham 2.2 I have spent time playing with the damping fluid (and got very positive results), but in the end the Tri-Planar was far superior.
I am using the Phantom with a Helikon mounted on an Oracle Delphi MKV SE. The results are excellent. The Phantom is a remarkably revealing tonearm with super dynamics and control. The Phantom is amazing at extracting additional information but always manages to facilitate a natural balanced musical presentation. With the Phantom the speed and power on drums is breathtaking. The soundstage is huge and open with tremendous bloom and air. The presentation is always smooth and musical. It exceeds the Graham 2.2 and the Zeta in my system in every musical category and not by a small margin.
George,you may like your Phantom better than your previous ZETA,BUT you will HAVE to concede that the classic wooden box,that the ZETA came in, is beyond reproach!!I STILL have mine,and it makes a great audio accessories storage facility!!How about the "Carved" top!!Bet the Phantom packaging is NO contest there!!

BTW--My Zeta box used to do duty storing "Something more organic"(back in my college days).That was until my parents found it!Now it serves as my "analog accessories" box!It's NOT for sale,though the Shun Mook boys' boxing comes close!!
A Koetsu Jade Platinum hangs at the end of my Phantom. A Basis Debut V Vacuum turns the vinyl.

Today I listened to Johnny Cash-American IV. This wonderful artist and recording carried me to a very special place.

As good as the 2.2 is; it never did this for me. The Graham Phantom is just that revealing.


I still have my Zeta (wooden box and all) in my closet.
Gee guys, I don't have my Zeta box anymore. I think I sold it in 1984?


Good seeing you post after a long absence. How are the Revelation Audio cables performing, expecially the phono cable?

I bought the Zeta with a SOTA Sapphire from Lenny at Lyric in 1984
Hi George!

The Revelation Audio Labs cables are wonderful, especially the phono cables. Several of my friends in San Diego are using them now. They were reluctant to try them at first due to their reasonable cost. I have no inner compulsion to try new cables.

I have been playing with a new CD player-the Reimyo CDP-777. Also have been playing with the RealityCheckCD duplicator.

But after all the screwing around trying to make CDs sound musical, vinyl still sounds superior.

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Thanks for the detailed comparison. It sounds like I can't go wrong with either one, but I'm leaning even more towards the Wheaton now.

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Just couldnt' resist looking at this thread when I saw the title. I'm so glad that those of you who bought my latest are pleased - we worked VERY hard on this, and tried to avoid the pitfalls I've seen elsewhere - including my older designs!
Now I'm sorry I never got to see one of those Zeta wooden arm boxes. That kind of thing is elegant, no doubt. (We actually makea nice wooden box for the dedicated Nightingale cartridge/armwand. It looks sharp, and can be given to your wife afterwards to hold necklaces, etc. A device to help with the WAF issue!!
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Bob Graham