Graham 2: Reliability Issues

Has anyone had problems with their Graham2 arms? Has anyone heard of a reliablity issue?

My Graham 2 just headed south for the winter after 2 years. It appears that the internal wires near the pivot point have either broken or are touching. It came on as a loss of grounding hum of major propotions. After three hours of searching I found that by moving the arm around produced or removed the hum with added clicks and pops in between.
Now the intereseting part. My first Ruby2 sample went back after 1 year because it was spontaneously giving off large amounts of pops/cracks. Was it related? I'll post a note regarding the outcome when I get it back.

while you're having your arm re-wired, i'd sugest you get the pivot cap replaced with the version on the new 2.2. i've been told this will run you about $365. BTW, i doubt your cartridge problem was related to the tonearm wiring, unless its replacement exhibited similar problems. good hunting. -kelly
Cornfeboy do you know what is the advantage of the 2.2 over the 2.0 as far as sound, or any other advantage?
jaica: i've listenened to the graham 2.2 only briefly at ces 2001 and not a/b'd it with the 2.0. i've not seen any technical info on it yet either. the two changes on the 2.2 of which i'm aware are the above-mentioned bearing cap and the counter weight. that's as much as i know. you might want to check with musical surroundings, graham's distributor, for additional data. good hunting. -kelly
Jaica, Bob Graham offered the following comments recently in a posting to the Phonogram listserve:

"For those of you who haven't looked lately, we have just introduced the new Model 2.2 tonearm, and which is a major step forward in performance, especially in the areas of imaging, bass extension and impact, and midrange resolution..."

And in a follow-up posting:

"...the improvements have to do with the bearing/balancing system and the upgrade is simplicity itself, and is user replaceable. We have totally redesigned the pivot bearing system for more stability. The user merely has to replace the bearing/cap assembly, add new damping fluid and affix a "2.2" sticker to the VTA bracket. The sticker doesn't improve things very much, but does reassure the owner that they're at least current with our thinking on analogue. The cap will now be either gold or chrome, depending on the tonearm accents, rather than the earlier black. The upgrade cost is just $300, and as I mentioned in my original note, I feel sure you'll be pleasantly surprised, regardless of which table/arm you're using. The upgrades will be available in about a month, and all new production deluxe tonearms will be the 2.2."
i have owned the graham 2.0 for 2 years and ordered the 2.2 upgade in early janurary. i recently had the cueing arm hydralics rupture so i am waiting for a new one of those also. previously owned a 1.5 tc and never a problem until now. it seems like anything analogue takes awhile; probably teaches me alittle patience.
I've owned a Graham 1.5t for about 7 or 8 years and the 2.0 for one with no problems at all. Surprised to hear about any problems with these arms. Now I'm probably doomed! Maybe it'll be the 2.2 upgrade I just ordered.....