Graham 2.2 vs. Fidelity Research FR64S

I was about to buy a used Graham 2.2 for my Lenco L78 heavy plinth table and Lyra Clavis DC. It has been suggested by a few that a Fidelity Research FR64S silver would be a better arm. Both are available to me locally at the same cost (the FR slightly higher). It seems hard to believe such an old arm can compete with the newer design but thought I would ask if anyone had any experience and thoughts on either.
Dear Jw61, with the given cartridge - Clavis DC - I would go for the Graham 2.2.
The compliance of the Clavis will match much better with the comparatively low effective moving mass of the Graham.
I owned the Graham 2.2 once and have owned the FR-64s several times (right now I am using the FR-66s). The Graham tonearms are very well suited as partner for the higher compliance cartridges of today.
If you want to optimize the set-up even further, you may think about using the Clavis with its outer shell removed.
That way you further reduce the mass at the very end of the tonearm and will improve the sonic performance even further.
I for one am rather a fan of the FR-64s, but in this particular set-up - with teh cartridge mentioned - the Graham 2.2 is the better choice.
agree with Dertonarm...also the FR would be the best match for the Lenco you have, but with something like Denon 103 or SPU cartridge. And it would be my first choice of arm for your table! I would run the Graham/Clavis as a second arm....Have fun!
Dear Jw61, agreed with Prcinka.
I love the FR-64s tonearm and believe it still is today one of the very best pivot tonearms. If I were going for a tonearm to guide low to mid-low compliance cartridges it would ALWAYS be the FR-64s. Todays industry does offer no contender for that kind of MCs. Set up with the Denessen Tractor and a pivot-bearing distance of 231.5 mm the FR-64s will bring you as close to perfecting in pivot tonearm geometry as is possible with a tonearm of about 10" effective length.
Yes, there are other tonearms around - but there is no better around.
Well, I use for Lyras the FR-64s. It may be, from calculation the Data fit better to the 2.2., but this is not everything (Arm tube material, bearing quality etc.).
I had the 2.2 and tried it with a lot of cartridges, Phantom too...
The "termination" from energy in the 64s is unsurpassed and the ability to "guide" a cartridge is unique. Tomorrow I will try it with a Helikon....
The Lyra carts perform better in a very stable Arm, my No.1 choice for those is the DaVinci from the modern Arms.
Went ahead and purchased the FR64S. Thanks for all responses.
Well, - for sure, no mistake. I would have done the same.