Grado Sonata, I need help.

Hi everyone, i crave for the warm sound that most people said Grado Cartrige offered so I gave it a try but with no success the sound was bright, harsh, and alot of sizzle, i have two tables both used modified Rega RB-250, three cartriges and three phono stages to swap around i suspected the arms are not a good match has anybody experienced with Rega/Grado
your help is appreciated.
It sounds to me like you need to play around with the VTA some more. The Sonata is supposed to have some authoritative bass sound. The weight is good for that arm, and the compliance is maybe a little high, but should match ok. I'd say it's the VTA.
The combo is very good, actually, if set up right. Also the cartridge needs to be played some hours before settling down.
My Grado Sonota and Rega RB300 work fine together (on a Linn LP12 table), maybe slightly heavy in the bass but not bright or harsh at all.

Try talking to the dealer who sold it to you, maybe you can return it for another one.
understand that the grado may have too much output, i am uncertain of this but think i understood correctly, and on Rega tables there is typically a grounding problem. So if it is mounted on a Rega table I suggest this very well may be the problem!

I had a Sonata before moving on and it was very satisfying. Good luck in sorting your system out.
interconnect synergy issues?
Hi everyone, I've tried everything changing cables, adjusted VTA up and down, aligned cartridge protractor, leveling, etc. the cartrige had more than 40 hrs. on it but i still get bright and harsh sound when i replace it with different cartriges like Aurum Beta-S and Shelter-501 the sound was warm full rich and smooth, I think i have a defective Grado. BTW my tables are Teres 245 and Trans Rotor Leonardo 40/25
Very nice TT's Alvu!