Grado cartridge for vintage setup?


I'm in the market for a new cartridge (or replacement stylus). I'll likely stick with a Grado as I can get my Platinum re-tipped. However, I'm curious if upgrading to Sonata might be worth it ($240 for Platinum retip vs $400 Sonata retip)?

My setup:
Revolver 'table and tonearm
NAD 1020 Preamp
NAD 2140 Power Amp
JBL 18Ti speakers

In your opinions, is the Sonata overkill for my setup?

Thank you!

Keith (new to the forums)
The Needle Doctor will send you a new Platinum for $240 with your old one as a trade in. They don't re-tip Grado's,they replace them. If you liked the Platinum you should stick with it. BTW I don't think the Sonata is overkill but if you think the extra $160 is worth it by all means go for it!

Sonata by all means, it's a very big step up, you'll never regret it.
I had a Sonata low output and never liked it. It had a muddy character to it...maybe it was the turntable I had it on (Rega), but never the less, I sold it.
Just had my Sonata re-tipped by Soundsmith with the ruby cantilever/tip $250 option. It sounds better than an original IMO. More bottom end, same excellent mid/vocals.