gradient revolution amp suggestion

I am using a MAC 6300 integrated with ok results. Any other suggestions for this speaker?
I've only used them with one amp, a Rowland Model 112, and think I get very good results.

How would you compare them to the Zu Druids?
A friend had a Rowland Model 10 and a Plinius SA-100mk III ... he came down heavily on the side of the Plinius especially in pure class A mode
as a former revolution owner..a bigger mac...great speaker.
Op, how much are you willing to spend?
The revolutions work much better in that room (hard floors, tall ceilings, huge windows). For the price I paid used they are a steal i think. The Zu Druids with sub are great as well although I have a problem dialing in the sub. To be honest its hard to compare the two as I have not had them both to compare in a proper room. I would like to stay under 3K for an amp....looking used.
they do like POWER ... also heard them with a Classe CA400 which was a good match. I would THINK the Red Dragon Leviathan Monoblocks which are 500w class D amps would be an excellent match as well. One of the best of the class D amps available in my opinion if heat/efficiency are issues for you.
If I can't afford a bigger MAC, Parasound, Classe, or similar SS......Would I be better off buying a high power class D amp like a W4S STI 1000 than my current low power MAC 6300?