Grace Design M905 as a preamp

Dear all,

i am interested in the Grace Design M905 as a preamp.
its class A rated on stereophile as DAC, but its actually a monitor controller in a studio application.
That means its a pre-amplifier in hifi speak. When I try and find feedback on the M905 as a pre-amplifier i find no information.

My speakers are ME Gethain RL901k.  

Can anybody help?
Hey , I owned one of these years ago . I am guessing most here aren’t real familiar with Grace products . It sounds fine . Only way to tell how it would sound in your setup is to pick it up . Being a pro dac it is not going to deviate from flat too much . I have been looking for a good priced used Grace m905 monitor controller for years . No one wants to start a no reserve auction on one . What other dacs have you tried ?