Gotta love great customer service!


There are so many "complaints" about customer service, thought I would share my feel-good story.

Was thinking of building a new power supply for my Phono Stage - McCormack Micro Phono Drive. Owned it since new and thought it was time to upgrade the 22VAC wall wart. Gave up on that idea, so I contacted the folks at Jay's Audio - they had sold me a 12VDC PS for my turntable. Sadly, they do not make AC power supplies. 

Well, after a couple of emails, they kindly offered to make me one.

So, I ordered the unit on August 17th (A Saturday). Tuesday the 20th, I received notice it had been shipped. On the 22nd, it arrived!!!

So very pleased! 

Fast responses to emails and wonderful packaged.

There are days when I am grateful for what the Internet and caring companies can provide.

Thanks Alvin for making that so painless!


PS - No, I am NOT affiliated with Jay's at all - just pleased!
Thank you, Per! 

Hope you are happy with our service and product. Enjoy the music!

Wow, that's great to hear. Now Alvin can add another fine product to his portfolio.

All the best,