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Gotta love great customer service!
Thank you, Per! Hope you are happy with our service and product. Enjoy the music!Cheers,Alvin 
Jays Audio CDT2-MK2 - info needed
Hi Tim,The display cannot be turned off. I have asked to add on this function but was not possible. My apologies.Hi Rhyno,CDT3-MK2 uses Rubidium clock, it generates quite a fair bit of heat. To prolong the lifespan, it's recommended to turn off wh... 
Jays Audio CDT2-MK2 - info needed
Hi Tim,You may leave the CDT2-MK2 on. It's fine to keep it on 24/7 :) Best,AlvinVinshine Audio  
Jays Audio CDT2-MK2 - info needed
Hi @toolbox149,The fuse should be a 1.6A. There is a spare fuse come with the package, it should be a 1.6A too. Did you check that too?Best,AlvinVinshine Audio 
Using I2S With the Denafrips Terminator and Metrum Ambre?
Hi John,DENAFRIPS Pontus/Venus/Terminator HDMI i2s interface is compatible with PSAudio PWT. We have customers using this combo. Here's a customer from Pennsylvania who use PSAudio player with the Terminator, connected via HDMI i2s interface. ht... 
Jay's Audio CDT2-MK2
@snackeyp , thanks for the impression! Glad that you like it. Yeah, we thought it’s pretty intuitive to use, hence omit the instruction manual.Some photos of the very limited Black CDT2-MK2 
Using I2S With the Denafrips Terminator and Metrum Ambre?
That's good news! Do you hear differences between i2s and other digital [email protected] , for computer USB to digital converter, you may like to consider Singxer SU1/SU6. There are other make as well, like Gustard, Matrix Audio, HydraZ... 
DENAFRIPS DAC ---- Owner Impressions, Feedback, General Discussion, Questions and more....
Hello guys,It has been a very busy month, I’m overwhelmed! Thank you for your strong support! We strive to serve you even better, we’re now available to chat over Whatsapp/Wechat. Wechat: vinshineaudioWhatsapp: +6588534576Do drop us a message for ... 
Using I2S With the Denafrips Terminator and Metrum Ambre?
Hi Ron,i2s pin out, voltage level and protocol have to be matched in order for the two devices to work together. In the market now there are two type of i2s:1. LVDS over HDMI i2s2. LVCMOS over RJ45If Metrum get back to you on the RJ45 pinout, you ... 
Denafrips Terminator Purchase? Duty?
Hello guys,Thanks for the support! Best,AlvinVinshine Audio 
New Kinki Studios EX-M1+ version available soon
alvin, how much to convert the older model to the + ? The upgrade cost is approx US$600.  
New Kinki Studios EX-M1+ version available soon
Hello guys,Happy to announce the EX-M1+, it's now available! Enjoy the music!Best,AlvinVinshine Audio 
Kinki Studio EX-M1
The one issue i am having is noise. I run a Bada LB-5500 conditioner. I get noticeable noise at volumes greater than 30. Once music is playing it is not an issue, but no static/noise is better than any. Any ideas would be welcome? Hi @bbslos1... 
New Kinki Studios EX-M1+ version available soon
That's right, you can use the EX-M1+ as a power amp in the HT BYPASS mode.Cheers,Alvin 
Denafrips Terminator vs. Venus
DENAFRIPS adopts quasi-direct sales business model, unlike conventional hi-fi equipment, DENAFRIPS has little or no room of distributor and/or dealer margin. We wished it was the other way round, too. Industry players should know how this work...