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QStab NSE CD Stabilizer/ Highly Recommended for Jay's/Avatar CD Transport!
Hey guys,    QStab doesn't fit the Pro-Ject RS2T. One of our customers tried it but unfortunately, the Pro-Ject CDT cover will not be able to close fully due the the height of the QStab.   Hope this helps!   Alvin Chee co-founder of Beatech... 
Ifi Neo Streamer + Denafrips Terminator 12+
Yep, I am in touched with @nlynchard. It seems like I need to include the iFi Neo Streamer in our Streamer X DENAFRIPS DAC project!   Cheers, Alvin Chee   
Denafrips Terminator+ 12th - Clock Out LED on - Operation Help.
Roger that.   DENAFRIPS Terminator II/Plus Clock Out setting 1. Press Mute button to engage mute/setting mode 2. Press Input- button momentarily multiple times. You will see the LED light up in the following sequence as you press/release the In... 
Network Switches
Another entrant. Review pending on 6Moons: LHY Audio SW-8 Network Switch Thanks David. It'd be very interesting if Srajan @ 6moons changes his view on streaming after adding the LHY SW-8.   Alvin Chee co-founder of Beatechnik   
Best Dedicated Streamer
  Coincidentally we started testing streamers on the market to pair with DENAFRIPS DACs. You may find the following article of interest to you. Streamer X DAC Project   Happy listening, Alvin Chee  
DENAFRIPS DAC ---- Owner Impressions, Feedback, General Discussion, Questions and more....
Good news for Windows PC users!  DENAFRIPS Thesycon v5.45.0 USB Driver is available now.   Alvin Chee @ Vinshine Audio  
Clocking: again!
My view of Master Clock Generator:   Take away: If you are after the best audio quality, and one or more of your equipment supports Master Clock Sync Input, it is worth conside... 
HDMI cables for I2S
@timyamasaki , congrats on the PST purchase.    Please note that the I²S output of the PST over HDMI is not a typical multimedia HDMI port. It's I²S (Inter-IC Sound). It is not compatible with multimedia HDMI input found on the Bryston DAC / AVR... 
Naim 5si integrated?? The reviews are good but is it still current in performance
Thanks for the call out @arafiq .   Sorry to hijack this thread but I thought I should mention that we have a Kinki Studio products dealer in Texas, USA. Servicing of the products can be done within the stateside. I just like to clarify this poi... 
Good Ethernet switch
@alvin1118 For someone without much technical knowledge about power supply tech, can you share anything about the power supply on that LHY Audio 8-port switch you recommended?  Any additional thoughts on why you recommend it?   Here you go sir... 
Just got a new Bluesound Node. Very disappointed!
Important: Audio clock trim - BluOS uses small adjustments to the audio clock to maintain glitch-free audio synchronization. Disable this when using an external DAC that cannot cope with these adjustments. There is a setting that you might like ... 
Good Ethernet switch
+1 LHY Audio 8-Port (Linksys Business Gbps Switch)   Alvin @ Vinshine Audio  
New Jays Audio flagship cd transport
Hey @a1uc    My apologies on behalf of my team. The CDT3-MK3 (Black) was handed to the shipper yesterday. My logistics team will provide the tracking information in approx 48hrs.   Many thanks, Alvin Chee @ Vinshine Audio  
Terminator II or Rockna Wavedream Edition (non signature version) which one to buy and why
Hey @danthemannn    DENAFRIPS Terminator II is a trickle down of the Terminator Plus. In my opinion, it's a great DAC that punches way above its asking price.    Here's the Terminator Plus review might be of interest to you: https://soundne... 
Denafrips Ares ii
Hey @audiomaze , thanks for loving the DENAFRIPS Ares II DAC!    It's a good question.   Comparisons of Ares II / Pontus II can be found here:   User Feedback: